Bottega Berlin Productions (BBP) is a Berlin-based TV production company specializing in creating compelling international documentaries focused on art, culture and the zeitgeist. With a deep understanding of global artistic expressions and a passion for storytelling, BBP is dedicated to capturing the essence of art, culture and societal trend, delivering stirring narratives that engage and inspire.

BBP boasts a strong network of freelance directors, producers, and editors who excel in conceptualizing, researching and producing visually stunning  documentaries. 

Collaborating closely with German broadcasters and other well-known production companies, BBP brings their documentaries to a domestic audience that values engaging and thought-provoking content. 

BBP believes in the power of storytelling to brige cultures and connect people from all walks of life. BBP’s documentaries transcend geographical boundaries, exploring diverse cultural landscapes and highlighting universal themes that resonate with viewers worldwide. 

Bottega Berlin Productions also supports cultural institutions, galleries, museums and foundations by making the work of their artists, projects and exhibitions visible through unique visual storytelling. 

Among the films BBP has produced are “Rembrandt’s Heirs” (52 Min.) “Parallel Worlds: What is reality?” (43.Min, ZDF),   “Music for the Future. How the Classic is reinventing itself” (30. Min., (SRF/3Sat)