Bottega Berlin Productions produces Documentaries and journalistic content for the international art and culture sector.

With high aesthetic standards, depth and a love of language, we report on topics that drive artists and creative people worldwide.

Reload for the art world. How robotics and AI are changing creativity. 36 min. Available in the 3sat media library.



Bottega Berlin Productions creates visual storytelling for art & culture. For example, for ZDF aspekte or 3sat Kulturzeit.

Our focus is on Constructive Journalism. That means we critically examine but love to tell our stories from a solution-oriented, positive perspective.


Bottega Berlin Productions creates high-quality corporate content for the international art and culture sector.

We help institutions, galleries and museums to make the work of their artists, projects and exhibitions visible. 


ON SCREEN: CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE ARTS. 7.07. ORF 2, 23.30, 37 min.

More and more artists are addressing climate change in their work. But the art world has a credibility problem. Isn’t it dishonest when artists address climate change in their works, but fly around the world all the time to do so? The film “Climate Change in Art” by Frauke Schlieckau discusses the topic with artists, gallery …

ON SCREEN: MIRNA FUNK IN PORTRAIT. ZDF aspekte, 28.05.201, 11.00 p.m.

The writer Mirna Funk writes zeitgeist novels with depth. She also speaks out on the campaign platform “Pink Stinks” about the care debate and discusses what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century on the hipster shabbat talk show “Freitagnacht Jews.” As a self-confident, optimistic woman, Funk thus stands for a new generation …

ON SCREEN: REMBRANDT, HABIBI!, 3sat Kulturzeit, 06.05.2021, 19.00pm

In her podcast “Rembrandt, habibi,” which is well worth listening to, journalist Amina Aziz examines the Dutch Baroque painter and his contemporaries from a postcolonial perspective. Together with her, we visit the exhibition “Rembrandt’s Orient” to look at the art of the beloved painter and his contemporaries with irreverence, rather than reverence, for a change. …




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